Abbey’s Country


Settling in to my Utah adventure I had still yet to have that light that photographer’s chase.  And knowing that desert country can be fickle with clouds I knew I would have to be patient.  On this particular day I started out by shooting sunrise here, at Arches, under mostly clear skies.  A few high cirrus but nothing to write home about.  As I met up with a local photog, we palled around for the day talking story and catching up (we had been in contact for a while).  After a midday break to kill some time (read: check out local brewpub), it was time to scout for sunset.  And looking up the sky had now filled with all sorts of high clouds.  A good sign.  But then again any clouds are better than nothing!


After driving around for over an hour, checking locations, thinking about light, hiking around, I made the decision for two spots.  I thought facing back to the east was a good decision as hopefully the setting sun would illuminate the La Sal Mountains and high clouds.  Then we’d try and hurry to another spot to capture Balanced Rock more intimately (that shot at another time).


As the sun dipped, and the last rays of light cast upon the rocky landscape, first exiting the arches and hoodoos, then up the mountainside in the background, then finally the clouds slowly gained color.  And of course this is where the little boy comes out and yips of glee start coming out.  I never get tired of seeing a great sunrise or sunset and to be able to capture this moment over such an amazing landscape was truly special.


Much thanks!



P.S.  To see a section of the detail in this photo see sample at bottom!


Colorful sunset over Arches National Park, Utah
“Abbey’s Country”



A sample of the detail in the panorama.  This is a selection from the above photograph.
A sample of the detail in the panorama. This is a selection from the above photograph.


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