Swell…from 4k feet above

Heading out on a Koke’e adventure our goal for the day was the Kilohana Overlook. As is too many times, when we arrived it was completely socked in. We enjoyed the hike and shot some detail work along the way. Arriving back at the car it was decided to head to the Kalalau Overlook for sunset since it’s always so epic from up there. Cresting the top we were greeted to an amazing view. This time with the addition of the large NW swell rolling in to the coast. From about 4,000 feet up you can see the swell lines way out to the horizon. So much energy being directed at our coasts and yet, from this height, looking so smooth and playful. The twilight light was perfect as I set out with my long lens to capture some detail and abstract work. This one image in particular I feel gives a good sense of that scene that day.


Incoming swell as seen from 4000 feet above sea level from the Kalalau Overlsook.
“Swell” (unreleased)

Kauai Colors

Had the chance to hike down to Hanakapi’ai, with my sister (she’s visiting from Boston), a few days ago and as usual am wowed by this place I call home.  Something from a spot I have shot before but the colors were brilliant with the bright midday sun.  Nature’s palette!  Thought I’d share this quick one and enjoy!

Na Pali coast at midday with bright tropical colors
The Na Pali Coast’s colors!


Going back through the archives there all kinds of goodies to discover.  I’m very well aware that I have a large quantity of work that’s never seen the light of day (pun kinda intended).  So it’s a treasure hunt when I start flipping through.  This particular image was taken on a fun day with a random group of people off for a walk.  When we came to this hillside the simplicity of the scene caught me and reminded me more of the rolling hills of the farming regions of the NW.  Midday is notoriously tough to shoot in but here the colors just popped.  The clouds of course happen to just lay themselves out perfectly.  Now if only you could feel the warm wind while viewing the image 😉

Greens and blues on Kauai.

Hanalei Reflections

As what seems to happen in photography more often than not, is that the plan doesnt always seem to work out and we are left to think on our feet (which is weird because I think with my head…or is it on our toes….ah in any case!).  Arriving down to the pier on this morning the idea was to head out on some jet-skis to photograph the big surf coming in.  Well, the swell was arriving later than expected and I wasnt able to wait long enough as I needed to be at the aFeinberg Gallery St Regis at 9am.   With all the large surf a tidal pool of sorts had formed next to and around the pier.  Since I’m a sucker for reflections I knew my goal for the morning now.  Of course this ment getting knee deep in some murky water with a very slippery bottom.  Then waiting approx 30 min…very still to not disturb the reflections…for the light to finally crest the ridges and ilumminate the Ehu Kai or sea mist.  The very clear and calm conditions dont happen all that often here on the north shore of Kauai so it was a special way to capture Hanalei Bay.
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Much thanks and enjoy!
Hanalei Bay Reflections