Going back through the archives there all kinds of goodies to discover.  I’m very well aware that I have a large quantity of work that’s never seen the light of day (pun kinda intended).  So it’s a treasure hunt when I start flipping through.  This particular image was taken on a fun day with a random group of people off for a walk.  When we came to this hillside the simplicity of the scene caught me and reminded me more of the rolling hills of the farming regions of the NW.  Midday is notoriously tough to shoot in but here the colors just popped.  The clouds of course happen to just lay themselves out perfectly.  Now if only you could feel the warm wind while viewing the image 😉

Greens and blues on Kauai.

One thought on “Duotone…kinda.

  1. Yay Aaron! We lived way up in the hills overlooking the SF Bay Area for years where I raised my 1st three children. The view consisted of these kind of hills and sky and if you were on our deck you would be looking over at SF! I loved the hill view so much and my 2 daughter’s bedroom was the large attic facing east with a dormer window I would catch them sitting in watching the harvest moon!!! Great memories. Sad but gone ~ Beautiful photo.

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