Kauai Colors

Had the chance to hike down to Hanakapi’ai, with my sister (she’s visiting from Boston), a few days ago and as usual am wowed by this place I call home.  Something from a spot I have shot before but the colors were brilliant with the bright midday sun.  Nature’s palette!  Thought I’d share this quick one and enjoy!

Na Pali coast at midday with bright tropical colors
The Na Pali Coast’s colors!

Chased By Rainbows

One of the great parts about friends visiting is that somehow I end up squirming away to hang out with them.  Of course when that coincides with sunset…all the better.  Though on this particular day, while everyone was hanging out, I decided I was too close to pass up a summer sunset photograph from Tunnels.  So out I ran to the beach.  Only to then realize I was about a 1/4 mi from where I wanted to be…with time waning!  Eek!
Off I ran down the beach with my not-so-light pack on.  Tripod over the shoulder.  As I come around a bend this couple asks me if there is such a thing as a triple rainbow.  “Well sure…in very rare circumstances”.  Then I realized that they asked me as I turned to look behind me and noticed a HUGE full rainbow chasing me down the beach!  And off I set running down the beach again.
Finally arriving at my semi-predertermined location I quickly dropped my bag and set up the camera.  With just enough time to get my rain jacket (over the bag) and umbrella (over me).   As the rain passed it diffused the light and…magic.  I snapped as quickly as I could.  The first sometimes is the best.  And was lucky to have been there!
Much thanks 🙂

Sunset from Tunnels beach on Kauai.
“Alani Ua”

Being chased!  Caught by Elsa Almaraz.
Aaron Feinberg being chased by a rainbow while on at Tunnels, Kauai.
Being chased by a rainbow!