Viva Hanalei

Well it’s been a bit since I checked in with our faithful blog. This summer was a whirlwind including my 7th Burning Man. Those images have still yet to be posted as life has kept me preoccupied but will be coming later this week!

Most importantly aFeinberg Galleries has expanded and we welcome the newest (re)visit to Hanalei! Taking over for Ola’s who was at the Dolphin building for over 35 years this is an exciting space showcasing many never before seen images, including some that will never be made public online.

Our Grand Opening will be Friday, Jan 18th starting at 3pm. We welcome you to join us and will be offering a special gift with any new Collection made that day!

Look forward to sharing all the new for this new year!


Red Sands Of Hana

Back in May 2014 I was on Maui visiting a friend, which in turn would lead to the eventual opening of aFeinberg Gallery Wailea.  As we adventured around the island we had the opportunity to check out red sands beach.  A truly awesome place where the sand is red from the surrounding cliffside.  Amazing.  While this was a scouting mission I did manage to take the camera out and shoot a bit.  Even though this was a test shot I still think it captures the uniqueness of the place though I have some ideas for going back  for sure 🙂  To be continued 😉

Red Sand beach during day near Hana, Maui
“Red Sands”


It had been years…many, since I had last taken a camera to shoot the Waimea Pier.  The chance came up after a camping trip to Polihale on the west side of Kauai.  On the way back home it was late enough in the day that we decided to stop by and catch a sunset at the pier.  Having a few ideas already in my mind I set to work experimenting with different compositions.  Running from standing on the pier to underneath it, trying to work as quickly as possible with the dwindling light.  Comical I’m sure to watch.  My goal for this session were long exposures so each time I set a shot and clicked I was waiting anywhere from 30-60s.  Doesnt make for quick work.
As the sun was dropping I managed to get off this exposure under the pier and was quite happy with the dance of light around the pillars and base.  The funny thing is that even making sure my horizon was level, the pier is not straight!  Looks like someone needed a protractor when building this one 😉

Sunset as seen from under Waimea Pier on Kauai

Solitude among Arches

Up on a ridge in Arches National Park I had spotted a location to photograph a great panorama of sunset over the park.  Of course, like any photographer there was a significant amount of waiting.  So there I was, perched on this rock with my camera at this great expansive scene.  Then I turned around.
Thanks 🙂

Tree silhouetted at Arches National Park


The Sands Of Time

My first sunrise in DV…no clouds…which is to be expected most of the time, however not the most desired for landscape photography.  About 30 min after the sun rose a slug of cirrus ish started movin right over head as I saw it traverse the valley.  Eek!  After shooting a few exposures I realized that they were booking it across the sky and this would be my only time to shoot dunes w/ clouds (at least I always assume that, especially in a place like this). Went in to a frenzy to find the lines that I wanted, change lenses, put on filters and then start the exposure…then sit and wait. Was able to get two shots off before the clouds were gone. The combination of light, lines and clouds really give this photograph a sense of motion!

Sand dunes of Death Valley
Sands Of Time

Mother To Be…

Had the pleasure of working with Anna a couple of days ago.  While standing at the car in the rain we decided to give it a shot and head down to the beach anyway.  Over the course of the hour or so the rain abated and managed to get a wonderful sunset out of it!  This was shot on the trail down to the beach after the rain stopped using the Brenizer method.  I love glowy light!  Glad we decided to make it an adventure too 🙂
Maternity in woods

Shot In The Dark

Leave Las Vegas ~6pm.  Head for batcountry Death Valley.  Wind car over dark hills and over mountain passes.  The desert is calling.
Enter Death Valley National Park in complete darkness and start decent toward the valley floor and Furnace Creek.  See a sign up ahead for Zabriskie Point.  Thoughts running through the head, cataloging shots I’ve seen from here.  Pull over.
Crescent moon hangs low over the mountains…it’s last bit of light about to disappear.  Don winter gear, headlamp on, camera bag on the back.  Up to the overlook.
Stand at the overlook.  Cold winds wiping at your back.  Peer in to the black.  Prepare camera for I-dont-know-what.
Press the shutter…time passes by…*click*
After all…it was a “Shot In The Dark”

Stars and Milky Way over Zabriskie Point, Death Valley.
“Shot In The Dark”