Shot In The Dark

Leave Las Vegas ~6pm.  Head for batcountry Death Valley.  Wind car over dark hills and over mountain passes.  The desert is calling.
Enter Death Valley National Park in complete darkness and start decent toward the valley floor and Furnace Creek.  See a sign up ahead for Zabriskie Point.  Thoughts running through the head, cataloging shots I’ve seen from here.  Pull over.
Crescent moon hangs low over the mountains…it’s last bit of light about to disappear.  Don winter gear, headlamp on, camera bag on the back.  Up to the overlook.
Stand at the overlook.  Cold winds wiping at your back.  Peer in to the black.  Prepare camera for I-dont-know-what.
Press the shutter…time passes by…*click*
After all…it was a “Shot In The Dark”

Stars and Milky Way over Zabriskie Point, Death Valley.
“Shot In The Dark”

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