Scouting Pays Off

Having not been to a place before there are a certain amount of ways to approach the scene.  Depending on the time one has it could be just a “grip it and rip it” trip.  Whatever the light/clouds/conditions have that’s what we get.  However, with a few days to explore I drove around a fair amount just looking.  Mentally (and sometimes physically) categorizing locations under what conditions I wanted and want time of day.
This particular image was captured on my 3rd day along the Eastern Sierra.  Having found this spot on my first day out I knew it had potential. The early morning light would first illuminate the mountain sides before finally reaching over the ridge and shining in to the foreground.  This of course gives lots of options.  If mother nature wanted to cooperate :p
Sleeping in my car the night before (bear encounter story for another time), I awoke to be overjoyed with the fact that there were clouds!  Not something that one can always count on in that part of the world.  I quickly made my way down to the scouted location, temperature around 30F and proceeded to spend 4 hours watching the light manipulate.  I even went as far as grabbing my camping stove to cook breakfast while sitting there and waiting for the sun.
As the sun made it’s way higher in to the sky, the clouds shifted a bit and the valley floor was finally illuminated.  Added with the unique sky I knew after I captured this photo it was time to move on 🙂

Magnificent color and clouds in the Eastern Sierra
Magnificent color and clouds in the Eastern Sierra

Back from the Eastern Sierra…a study in light and color.

Aloha all!
So I have just returned from the wonderfully diverse state of California again.  This time, the focus was fall color.  Having not seen autumn in approximately 6 years I was a bit deprived.  Especially growing up in New York!  Having the opportunity to get my lens on some amazing color was exciting.  The game plan took me across Tioga pass, bypassing Yosemite this time (I know, not easy to do), and ending up in Lee Vining on the eastern side of the Sierra, along route 395.  I had some general knowledge of the area as I explored a bit in August but now the seasons had turned and a new world takes shape.
Over the 4 days and nights I spent the main goal was to do nothing more than drive around, chase the light, and explore with my camera.  In doing so it was obvious that capturing the uniqueness of the foliage would require the right light.  One might say of course!  That’s what photography is always about, however, the leaves were almost bipolar.  When front lit the trees almost seemed dull.  However.  Put the sun behind the trees and BOOM!  They came to life…glowing on the trees.  This also meant I could shoot almost sun up to sun down because even midday (a time I almost always avoid), there were intimate compositions to shoot with the vibrant leaves.
This particular image was a great combination of back-light and clouds.  The sun, while technically behind and to the left of the trees, was momentarily obscured by some high clouds.  Thus, rendering the seen in this soft bath of glowy light.  As I looked around for a standout subject these few trees poking out among the rest caught my attention.  Just as quickly as the cloud came it went and a new scene was sprung.
I’m quite excited to share the new images I was able to capture and be sure to stay tuned over the next few weeks!

Eastern Sierra Autumn I
Glowing Aspens along the Eastern Sierra. Oct 2012.

To infinity…and beyond!!

A good man once said it isn’t flying…it’s falling with style!
And off we go…in to the great unknown.  For those of you who landed here from the newsletter, welcome to our new home!  And for those of you just arriving, Aloha!
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Celestine Prophecy - Milky Way over Kalihiwai, Kauai
“Celestine Prophecy “