Whispers Of Yosemite

I’ve been holding this image for a long time.  Since March of 2013 when I got to experience the magic that is snowfall in Yosemite Valley.  In the frenzy that was that morning (which can be read about more in my other image “Pencil To Paper“) I recalled this spot which I had noticed on previous trips.  Though back then the falls werent flowing nearly as much (if at all….something about a on-going drought).  This time around a different story.  As the snow was pounding down I set up the shot and luckily had my small umbrella hidden in my camera bag to protect the camera (not me) from the big, heavy flakes.   Spending the better part of an hour at this location experimenting with different ways of capturing the scene as it changed.   In the end this particular exposure really managed to translate the experience of that morning in the Valley 🙂
Much thanks!

Lower Yosemite Falls as seen through a hallway of redwoods in heavy snow
“Whispers Of Yosemite” (unreleased)

The Magic of Snow (Yosemite)

“Pencil To Paper” (unreleased)
Back in March ’13 I had the incredible opportunity of being near Yosemite National Park when the forecast called for an incoming storm.  Knowing that 1) I dont live anywhere near Yosemite and 2) storms/snow arent too common, I knew I only had one choice.  Drive my rental Mustang (yea free upgrade) in to the valley floor and sleep in it overnight.  As far as sleeping goes in cars…I’ve had better…
Waking up the next morning I was stoked.  BIG fluffy flakes DUMPING down.  The great white awesomeness that is snow.  Now, two more things ran through my head 1) where the hell am I supposed to shoot?! and 2) why the f@#$ did I get a Mustang.  Slapping myself awake I donned my winter clothes that I had packed and started driving around the valley scoping where I might want to go.  Having been there before I had a cursory knowledge but still not much of a clue.  I do know that I love trees.  And I love solo trees.  So when I remembered this big Oak which I spotted the summer before that popped back in to my mind.
Walking in to the field I was gitty.  I’m a ski bum.  Snow is my favorite ever.  (Yes I see the irony of living in Hawai’i).  But since becoming a ‘photographer’ I have yet to have such conditions.  Luckily I had my small fold up umbrella with me and was able to hold that over the camera to protect it.  Snow is such a unique precipitation. Because it’s the only one that could be coming down SO hard…and yet be completely silent.  That blissful silence…

Old Oak in snow in Yosemite National Park
“Pencil To Paper”

Devilish – Southern Utah

Another image from my southern Utah adventures in late March of 2013.  After sleeping in my car (like usual) the night before, my alarm went off around 4am to be able to capture the stars I had previously scouted at a different spot in this section.  As the sun rose and the landscape changed I began to wander around to see what I could find.  These amazing formations were all over and the trick was to find something to show off how weird of a place it was.  Luckily the previously clear sky (good for stars) was giving way to some unique clouds and I returned to a spot I had found the evening before.  Given the texture of the rock and the cool clouds in the sky this one had some possibility.  I spent another 30-45 minutes enjoying the solitude as I played like a kid in a playground.  Then off for what was to be an epic day in slot canyons and over 6 miles of hiking.  Nonstop!
Much thanks!
Dramatic black in white in remote southern Utah.

Brotherly Love – 12 hours in Yosemite

Had the opportunity a couple of weeks ago during one of my signing trips to CA to do a quick run to Yosemite.  And by quick I mean I was only in the park for 12hrs.  It’s amazing, I’ve been able to be there 3 times in the last 12 months.  Something I never even thought might happen.  Of course my knowledge of the area is very cursory right now but I consider the time there some of my most productive.  This particular evening I finally made the park entrance around 11pm.  The moon had rose a couple of hours before and the valley was bathed in awesome, bright moonlight.  I drove around a bit to get the feel for this new look and, not wanting anything too crazy of an adventure, decided to pick a location I hadn’t been to before.  Of course…sitting outside the gate, at 1130pm, the only thing I could think of was being in the dark, by myself…with bears.  I know I know they’re big scared ‘cats’ and run away, but when alone in the woods…eek.  So after gathering up some courage and motivation via a friendly reminder I packed up my camera bag, put on my big boy pants and off I went down the trail.  Ok…so to get a better picture of the scene imagine just a fair amount of dragging my feet on the ground and taking big heavy steps…to make noise of course.  This way I dont startle anything that would want to make me a snack.
Down to the river, then using my headlamp to find the path along the banks.  Weaving in and out of folliage, I come around the bend and BAM…what a reflection!  So of course to work I go.  Now walking and making noise is one thing, but standing still and quiet allows other things to possibly sneak up on me…so occasionally I let out a ‘yip’…you know…just to make them aware of my presence 🙂
Spending about an hour making as much as I could of the special light and reflection, the clouds danced across the sky continually making some truly awesome patterns.   I finally decided it was time to pack up and get a few hours of sleep in the car before sunrise…so I could come right back here again.
Getting the images back home and seeing the results it makes all the darkness and creepy feelings with it….as long as I dont get eaten 😉

3 Brothers in Yosemite under moonlight
“Brotherly Love”