Kauaiversary – 15 Years

There are a few moments over our lives that give us pause. Time to reflect and see what’s changed. Around us. Inside us. More so in the last couple years, I’ve noticed more awareness of my time here on this special rock in the middle of the ocean. Meeting more people that are more recent comers. Realizing that trees I photographed at the start of my career are now 20′ taller. Watching things change…and stay the same.

15 years has now passed since I arrived on Kaua’i on a Wednesday evening as a 24 year old ski bum that had semi-recently dove deeper in to photography. Little could have prepared myself for the journey which was to come, but this story is not unique for those in their mid-20s, still figuring out life and purpose (though that never ends, let’s be honest). I’ve now spent almost all of my adult life here on island. Developing my career, my human, my friends and relationships. Something that, at the time, was an interesting way to go live in Hawai’i.

Now, on the verge of opening my 7th Gallery I dont think I would have believed anyone that said I was going to open and close 5 others over the years.

I’ve been incredibly lucky, by hard work at times, but also to end up in such a place that opened up its arms where so many have dealt the opposite. Kaua’i is a special place, not only for the immense beauty but for the raw reveal that we get when living here. I’m grateful for these moments and learning experiences as it is the only way to grow and evolve.

People tend to ask, more so these days, if I’m a lifer here. And while I can never predict the future, I do hope that this island continues to nourish and help support my journey. Until a time comes where things no longer serve me, but at this point there is no end in sight.

Looking back at 24 year old Aaron, on the precipice of my 40th birthday I wonder what 55 year old Aaron will have to say about the next 15 years to come 🙏

Much thanks to everyone and anyone who has made my life here what it has been. Some fleeting, some life long friends. With every bit of it adding to my existence. Forever grateful.

Here’s to the next 15. ❤️


The Next Chapter

Sitting here at 2am. Looking for the proper words. Some of which have been coming to me over the last few days while in the car (you know where all of our good thinking occurs), or while day-dreaming or while in the hospital last night dealing with a severe hamstring injury. Bits and pieces of these thoughts flicker by as I finally sit to write. But not from Maui where I am supposed to be, but from my place on Kaua’i, awaiting an MRI on Friday to determine the severity of said injury. The trip to Maui was to be one of transition. And because I know some amazing people this transition is occurring…but without me. Which makes it extra surreal. The cliché phrase has been running through my mind for days now…”you miss 100% of the shots you dont take”. Of course when you do swing/shoot it doesn’t mean a home run every time. In fact…sometimes we strike out. Had enough of the sports analogies yet? 🙂

As of today, 5/2/2017, aFeinberg Gallery Wailea has closed its doors. When we (I dont like using ‘I’ in these cases because this endeavour for a long time now has been more about the people I work with than me alone), embarked on this journey it was the great unknown. My first Gallery off of Kaua’i and my 4th in about 4 years. Along the way there were speed bumps for sure, but analyzing them in real time are they tests of the character to push through or warning signs to pull back? Of course there is only one way to find out! I’ve been tested many times on Kaua’i and the cycle continues…however!

Have no fear my fine feathered aFein Fans but this is just a pivot! Once recollected there are plans to venture out into the wilderness. Offers of Gallery space on Oahu and California (even Texas) come up regularly. The grand experiment will continue! And along the way…we have some EXCITING NEW WORK TO SHARE!

In fact…we’re having a RELEASE PARTY on Saturday, June 10th at the Poipu location. Unveiling 5 new works including a triptych and quadriptych! We’ve launched our brand new medium, LUCHAE in the last couple of months and are receiving incredible feedback (you’ll have to visit us in person to see what the hype is about!). And more surprises up the sleeve for sure.

This is not the end, just another beginning and I look forward to the continuing adventure. 7 years ago this all started selling prints on the sidewalk out of the back of my car. Now, with the Galleries, over 1000 Collectors from ALL over the world and individual pieces fetching 5 figures I can honestly say we’re just getting started 🙂 Let alone “Beyond Here Lies Eternity” winning Photo Of The Year for Popular Photography a couple months ago!

Join us June 10th in Poipu if you can and thank you all for the continued support!
Much love and Aloha,

New Project! Help requested.

Aloha all!
This is something that has been meandering around my mind for quite some time and I believe it’s time to give it a shot.  However, to do so requires a significant amount of assistance from YOU!
I will need to start collecting ‘selfies’ of a handful of people (roughly 6 people from various backgrounds), which will be put together for a final project.  How many images?  I’m actually not quite sure but somewhere in the 300-600 range I believe (still figuring out the math).
If you are interested in being a part of this please contact me by clicking HERE and putting SELFIE in the subject line and attach…a selfie 🙂
Much thanks and looking forward to seeing what we can do together!

The Future…

It’s been pretty difficult to put in to words the amount of emotions and feelings that are all mixing around inside me so without further ado I am over joyed to announce;
aFeinberg Gallery WaileaThis 1,422 sq ft space will not only feature the Hawai’i portfolio but images from all of the travels will start to be released; update New York in Autumn, southern Utah slot canyons, Yosemite….
I am truly humbled to be able to announce this today and thank you all so much for your support and encouragement and so excited to have you along for the ride. More details about the opening will be shared in the coming weeks. Buckle up!

To Infinity…And Beyond…

For those of you who dont remember…I had a massive data corruption in January and have been mostly out of commission since then working normally. Yes, I had a Drobo (4 drive RAID backkup) and also was pushing to the cloud via CrashPlan. However the corruption was also pushed to the cloud before it was caught.
Now…8 months later via some magic I dont quite yet understand….the drives have been fixed and we are back up and running
I tell you this now as there will be some exciting/big/important news next week and this all seems timed perfectly.
Here comes the future….


2015 Workshops!

Well after a rousing adventure on the Big Island earlier this year Kory Lidstrom and I decided to continue the fun and do it again next year!
Additionally we are adding a Kauai tour as well!  Woah!
Details above and look forward to seeing you next year!

Zodiacal light over Mauna Kea and observatories.
“Phone Home” – Zodiacal light over Mauna Kea and observatories.

NEW 6 day Workshop!!

I am teaming up with professional photog Kory Lidstrom and offering the first 6 day photo workshop!!
Dates are March 3-8.
Big Island.
Only 65! spots for the week.
For more details swing over to the site and look forward to new adventures!