The Magic of Snow (Yosemite)

“Pencil To Paper” (unreleased)
Back in March ’13 I had the incredible opportunity of being near Yosemite National Park when the forecast called for an incoming storm.  Knowing that 1) I dont live anywhere near Yosemite and 2) storms/snow arent too common, I knew I only had one choice.  Drive my rental Mustang (yea free upgrade) in to the valley floor and sleep in it overnight.  As far as sleeping goes in cars…I’ve had better…
Waking up the next morning I was stoked.  BIG fluffy flakes DUMPING down.  The great white awesomeness that is snow.  Now, two more things ran through my head 1) where the hell am I supposed to shoot?! and 2) why the f@#$ did I get a Mustang.  Slapping myself awake I donned my winter clothes that I had packed and started driving around the valley scoping where I might want to go.  Having been there before I had a cursory knowledge but still not much of a clue.  I do know that I love trees.  And I love solo trees.  So when I remembered this big Oak which I spotted the summer before that popped back in to my mind.
Walking in to the field I was gitty.  I’m a ski bum.  Snow is my favorite ever.  (Yes I see the irony of living in Hawai’i).  But since becoming a ‘photographer’ I have yet to have such conditions.  Luckily I had my small fold up umbrella with me and was able to hold that over the camera to protect it.  Snow is such a unique precipitation. Because it’s the only one that could be coming down SO hard…and yet be completely silent.  That blissful silence…

Old Oak in snow in Yosemite National Park
“Pencil To Paper”