Reflected Light: A Story Of Serendipity


There is something special about traveling by oneself.  Of course there can be times of loneliness and solitude but the freedom to do/go/feel whatever one wants at that time is truly freeing.  On my 4th full day I photographed sunrise in Arches National Park and then started my journey across the southern part of the state.  Through Cedar Mesa and over toward Escalante.  The remoteness and dramatic landscape is not to be underestimated.  Truly spectacular country.  Amazing spires and rock formations around every corner.  Roads winding through canyons, bending around corners to reveal another infinite expanse to explore.


As I came around yet another bend, after crossing the Glen Canyon area I noticed these rocky spires in the distance.  Speeding by there was some interesting, undulating rock just off the road that caught my eye and thought to myself there must be a good photograph in there somewhere, so on the the brakes I went, pulling over in to one of the few primitive camping areas that dotted the side of the road.  Getting out to explore, then driving down the road back a ways and repeating.  Wandering around I found this ravine, with amazing undulating and textured rock pointing right at the spires that had made me pull over in the first place.  Looking down the rock suddenly jumped out at me.  Light from the other side of the ravine was being reflected back on to the rock below me creating this incredible glow.  Taking out my phone I snapped a quick photo to see what was going on.  Boom!  Next thing I knew I was hurrying back to the car to grab my camera bag.  I spent the next 3-4hrs exploring this 100 yard stretch of rock.  Studying the textures, lines, nuances.  Playing with the light as it changed.  As the shadow from the large canyon wall towering over me to the west finally encompassed the scene I had that familiar joyful feeling.  The kind one can only get by having that serendipitous, ephemeral experiences that come from pulling off the side of road spontaneously in the middle of nowhere 🙂





Reflected light on rock in utah's wilderness
“Reflected Lght I”
Reflected light on rock in utah's wilderness
“Reflected Light III”
Reflected light on rock in utah's wilderness
“Reflected Light IV”

9 thoughts on “Reflected Light: A Story Of Serendipity

  1. I love this story. I lived in Utah my whole life and haven’t even come close to exploring all it has to offer. You captured the moment very well in both words and of course in your great images.
    Thank you,

  2. Beautifully written and the pictures are a treasure to share!! I love your awesome blog and photos!! keep it up!!! Have a wonderful day!

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