There Be Goblins

We start in the middle…which is a perfectly good place to start really.  The middle of a 6 day road-trip through Southern Utah.
This particular image was a side effect of an idea I had during sunset just a few hours before.  Setting my alarm for 515am, the mission was to capture the Milky Way under a rocky arch (an image I will share another time).  Walking out to my location the stars were incredible.  It’s called the Milky Way  for a reason and the chalky streak across the sky sure held the name.  I quickly went to capture the original image, which was preplanned, and then went back to explore other possibilities.   These amazing hoodoos scattered the landscape giving this valley it’s namesake, Devil’s Garden.  Seeing the blazing Milky Way behind I took two photographs, this one in particular illuminating the rocky statues.  The touches of dawn beginning to be visible on the horizon.  What a sight!

Milky Way above hoodoo's in Escalante Wilderness
“There Be Goblins”

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  1. Amazing Aaron!! <3 You are so extremely talented! Thank you as always for sharing the beauty of the world through your lens! xox

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