Badwater, Death Valley
Badwater, Death Valley

Day 3 of my Death Valley excursion.  Badwater.  Aptly named as this is the lowest point in North America, at the hottest spot on earth, and there’s actually a small pool of water at this point!  Of course the amount of salt in the water makes it completely undrinkable…hence the name.  An ancient lake bed, this amazing place collects all the minerals and salt from the surrounding land that drain in to the basin during floods. These minerals then form amazing shapes and polygons out on this seemingly endless stretch of salt.  As luck would have it this was my one good sunset with clouds…and it was super promising.  As I scouted the area I eventually set off on a trek out to find the best examples of this phenomenon that I could.  While doing so I came across this particular formation that really caught me.  With the late afternoon light it seems as if it were a tree of salt.  I snapped this photo and then moved on as I was constantly looking for unique shapes.  Of course little did I realize that I would try, without success, to find this spot again once sunset took hold.  Glad I stopped when I did 🙂
Polygons in salt at Badwater, Death Valley

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