Golden Gate Grandeur

Arriving in to San Francisco after 4 days in the desert was fun.  Back to city life as opposed to deafening silence of the dunes and remote landscapes.  I had one evening to shoot and then of course came the big decision of WHERE!?  The clouds were looking pretty sexy and the trick was to find a spot to take best advantage of the conditions.  After driving around for over an hour I decided to head down to Kirby Cove on the Marin side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  Having never been there I figured what a better time than now.  As it goes the sunset did get crazy colorful but more to the direct west, and not east where I was facing, however the was plenty of light to go around.  This is the very last shot of the evening for me as the color was just about being taken over by the city lights.  Stars had already made their appearance but the high cirrus held some of that lovely pink glow.  Glad I waited til the very end 🙂

Twilight over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge
“Golden Gate Grandeur”

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