Tales from the Racetrack.

Having seen photographs of this mysterious place, I was excited to make my maiden voyage out to this remote stretch of playa or ancient, dried lake bed.  While no one has ever seen the rocks move it is believed a combination of water and wind is needed to move these rocks, some up to 100lbs, across the surface.  And in turn, they leave us their tracks.  Some straight.  Some curved.  Some just mind boggling confusing.  I spent a night, a very very cold night, and a morning out shooting this magical place.  Wondering around by myself in the quietest place one could possibly imagine, surrounded by one of nature’s wonders was a real treat.  As the sun crested the nearby mountain (the playa is at approximately 3700 ft above sea level), the strong backlight made for some wonderful textures in the playa and really accentuated the tracks of some of the rocks.  I explored for quite some time letting my mind play with the abstract shapes and textures.  This one in particular I found quite interesting.   Enjoy!

Racetrack playa, Death Valley
“Out Of The Darkness”
Racetrack playa, Death Valley

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