Beyond Venus…Maui Adventures

“Beyond Venus” (unreleased)
This particular shot was taken after my last post with my photography adventures at sunrise down at the Venus Pools on the East side of Maui.  You can read the full (wet) story here.  As the sun played with the clouds I decided to put on a strong ND filter (basically a black piece of glass to stop light), and do a couple of longer exposures.  One of the problems with using this filter is that once it is on it is near impossible to see the composition as everything goes dark!   Then of course is the guessing of how long the exposure should be and dealing with the bright and dark parts of the image.  Luckily…in this case, I guessed right 🙂  The combination of filtered light and all the colors from the clouds/water/reflection mixing together gave this image a unique feel.
Maui offering up some more magic!

Long exposure seascape at sunrise with rock stacks in the ocean on Maui.
“Beyond Venus” (unreleased)

One thought on “Beyond Venus…Maui Adventures

  1. What a fascinating play of light you have captured, Aaron.

    The rays of the sun flash both upward and downward…
    dividing the darkness of the coming night from the last
    light of the sunset beam across the sea.

    I see a sleeping giant – plus there are creatures in the ocean –
    and in the motion of the cloud formations.

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