Maui, a Sunset and a Parking Lot

“Pau Hana”
So after spending a day running errands and exploring I ended up settling on this small park south of Lahaina.  As I got out of the car I knew photographically it would be a bit of a tricky place.  Even though these palms were pretty there was a property just to my side.  However being the most dramatic composition I careful positioned myself just to the side.  By chance the sun was setting in the perfect spot and was able to get a couple of exposures that ended up working well 🙂   Pau Hana in Hawai’i usually refers to the after work beer that most like to partake in and this spot seemed to collect quite a few for just that occasion.  Perfect end to the day.
Much thanks!

Sunset along the Lahaina coast with palm trees reaching in to the sky
“Pau Hana”

2 thoughts on “Maui, a Sunset and a Parking Lot

  1. I think that you have truly captured the perfect classic shot that so many picture
    when they think of Hawaii…

    Palm Trees and Sunset

    I love the way these palm trees rise so high and create triangular effects
    with the clouds, the sunset, the sand, and the sea.

    There’s a feeling of prisms and pyramids…

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