False Kiva – And Wandering Though The Desert

So many stories surrounding this image.  Of which include; powering through a month-old knee injury, getting a bit lost and then un-lost, ‘no fall’ zone hiking, fellow hikers lending me their trekking pole for the night and spending hours alone in the dark in a cave to then hike out in the dark, alone.  Of course returning with a successful image always makes those details worth while when the effort is rewarded.  This location, on the edge of a cliff, tucked in to a cave, was used hundreds of years ago by the Anasazi Indians, though the details and usage are still unknown.  Being as I was out there, with a very clear sky, my instinct turns to photographing the stars.  It’s amazing how much light cameras can pick up nowadays.  Watching the nocturnal transition from such a remote location, one cant help but be transported back to ancient times.  Chills.    And then for that very dark walk back to the car….
Much thanks!

Stars over the southern Utah desert from False Kiva.
“Truth Be Told”

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