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Welcome to the unique and inspiring world of aFeinberg Photography! Aaron Feinberg is an award winning Kauai based photographer whose fine art landscape photography has found acclaim worldwide. Recently we celebrated the opening of the 3rd aFeinberg Gallery located at the St. Regis-Princeville, on Kauai. Aaron's passion for nature and his understanding of light and composition allow him to capture photographs which reveal the true beauty and drama of nature.


Aaron is regularly found hiking around local mountains, rainforests and beaches on Kauai and more recently on the US mainland, in search of spectacular scenes.  In addition, he also enjoys sharing his knowledge with aspiring landscape photographers. His fun approach to capturing the image often reflects in his colorful and varied photos. Aaron's fine art prints can be viewed in stunning sizes up to 10 feet in his galleries located in Poipu, Hanalei and St Regis-Princeville. Until you can pay us a visit in person, we invite you to please enjoy his online portfolio and be sure to stop by the Guestbook to let us know what you think!


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27th of October 2012: PetaPixel Interview

Interview from PetaPixel blog

8th of August 2012: Welcome to the future!

Welcome to the soft launch of our new website! Please peruse around and give us any feedback that you like. Much thanks and happy viewing! Read more...

  • One of the most surreal view points I have ever seen combined with some of the best light I could have imagined. The best part, we had the overlook to ourselves. Paradise!
  • Normally when one walks up to a 300ft waterfall the idea is to capture the entire grandeur of the scene. However upon approaching the base of the falls the softness and subtly caught me. The way the veil of water was playing with the dark rocks.. I knew the contrast would work then the next step would be to find an angle that worked best. This one seemed to balance the soft greens in the corner well with the color of the water. A truly tranquil scene.
  • Early morning light reveals a breathtaking array of colors across Waimea Canyon. Waipo'o Falls can be seen off in the distance.
  • …in a boat on a river…
  • As the sunset light caressed the incoming waves I was drawn to show the beauty of the perfect breaking sets.
  • Waves collide in spectacular fashion along Kauai's Na Pali coast. Winner of; Nature Photo Of The Year - American Photo Magazine '09, Photo Of The Month - National Geographic - Aug '10, many others...
  • As I stood below this tree and wondered in it's greatness I needed a way to convey this to the viewer. Using a 2 minute exposure I was able to capture the clouds moving by just in the perfect position.
  • A study in (mostly) repeating lines in a mature bamboo forest on Maui. I can almost hear the clicking of the bamboo hitting together while hiking to get here.
  • This was from a very productive afternoon at Secret's Beach. There is so much to play with there during the late spring as the beach is coming back but still enough rocks to make seascapes very interesting. Just as the sun was creeping behind the clouds. I was able to capture this awesome scene. I wish somone was watching the whole event unfold because it involved me running back and forth to my bag (which almost got hit by a wave) and then literally running to get the light and just shoving my tripod in to the sand in the approximate position to get the light before it left. There was a pool that was draining behind me so there was a good current passing under me and oh yea...see that wave coming in...gets the heart racing!
  • Perfect light illuminates this surprisingly small wave making it appear as if it were ice.
  • This location had been on my to-do list for quite some time…as in years. I had been down here prior to scout but fate would have me come back a different morning. After I overslept my alarm by almost an hour my initial planned shot had to be scratched. I quickly searched for backup locations closer to my house and remembered this spot. The road down here is less than forgiving and was lucky to be able to get my 2-wheel drive vehicle out in the end. Add to that the danger of this spot with the waves washing over the lava rock and wind blowing in your face. But when images like this are the result it's hard to complain!
  • A moment of perfection along Kaua'i's Na Pali coast.   Limited Edition of 100.  Artist Proof of 10.
  • A surreal grove of Rainbow Eucalyptus trees glowing after morning rains. As the bark peels the trunks change color, nature doing its own paint-by-number.
  • Mother nature displays pure brilliance and an incredible welcome to the world of sunrise photography. My first planned morning shoot. Moloa'a Bay never looked so good!
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