Down at Shipwreck’s

For as much as I am in Poipu at the aFeinberg Gallery down there I have oddly enough not photographed Shipwreck’s Beach much.  Admittedly crazy.  It’s a sweet little stretch of beach just past the Grand Hyatt with some pretty photogenic rock.  In the winter(ish) months, when the sun is far south this rock face holds the light until the very end of sunset.  Happening to be down in Poipu this afternoon I left the Gallery and immediately went in to hurry-up mode.  Friend and I hurried down to the beach where I was still in my pants and shirt and began to shoot.  Next thing I know I’m sacrificing my clothing to the waves as I needed to get close enough to get the shot I was after.  As the light changed I was super stoked to see the trees and rock light up as I expected…of course the clouds were the added bonus!

Shipwreck's Beach at sunset
Shipwreck Beach

Twilight At Ke’e

Untitled Ke’e Beach
Low tide, pre-dawn twilight, earth shadow near the horizon and perfectly ribbed sand. Ke’e Beach, one of the most popular on Kauai if not the state of Hawaii, has a rare empty moment before the day brings sun bathers and hikers to wonder in the amazing Na Pali coast.

Twilight at Ke'e Beach, Kauai.
Twilight at Ke’e Beach, Kauai.

“T Minus 5″…A story of light

Lately there has been a boon of photo workshop requests and on this day, Dec 24, I met with my client on the north shore and off we went to Moloa’a Bay.  Now admittedly I don’t always like getting up for sunrises…they’re early :p  In the winter at least we are afforded a later start time, 715am at this point, so it’s not quite as harsh.  As we drove south/east the sky had already started to glow something wicked…what one sees AFTER a crazy sunset….my assumption…a precursor to an AMAZING sunrise.  Arriving on location the light was already very fun.  My goals during my workshops is direct instruction both with the technical side of the camera and the artistic side of “what the hell we put in front of the camera”.  Making sense of it all.  As we got set up and started a few compositions the light continued to increase.  My camera was already out as I was showing by example some of the techniques I was talking about.   Then….BAM!!!  Holy freakin light explosion.  (just as I expected…of course) 😉  Quickly getting the client’s composition dialed and settings in order I excused myself and scampered about 30ft over to the side, threw my tripod down around this rock where I saw the ocean washing past.  I clicked exactly 4 shots…4.  And then ran back to my client to make sure we kept recording this wonder.  The explosion lasted just 5 minutes.  Sometimes….we just get lucky 🙂

Incredible light at Moloa'a Bay, Kauai
“T Minus 5”