Down at Shipwreck’s

For as much as I am in Poipu at the aFeinberg Gallery down there I have oddly enough not photographed Shipwreck’s Beach much.  Admittedly crazy.  It’s a sweet little stretch of beach just past the Grand Hyatt with some pretty photogenic rock.  In the winter(ish) months, when the sun is far south this rock face holds the light until the very end of sunset.  Happening to be down in Poipu this afternoon I left the Gallery and immediately went in to hurry-up mode.  Friend and I hurried down to the beach where I was still in my pants and shirt and began to shoot.  Next thing I know I’m sacrificing my clothing to the waves as I needed to get close enough to get the shot I was after.  As the light changed I was super stoked to see the trees and rock light up as I expected…of course the clouds were the added bonus!

Shipwreck's Beach at sunset
Shipwreck Beach