On The Road (Utah)

When I get to do my road trips around the country there tends to be a lot of driving.  Much of that through very pretty places.  When I’m driving my general thought process is ‘get there as fast as possible’.  However when in these circumstances the opposite is generally true.  Well…at least it’s fast driving and then a fair amount of stopping and sometimes turning around 😛  But the idea is there.  Sometimes I even have to remind myself that the reason I’m even in the car in the first place is to shoot…which includes more than just my destination.   Then I get that sense of relaxation…that my time is my own…just me and the road and the camera (which often sits on the passenger seat next to me).  It’s these moments that I often cherish while exploring.  And sometimes, the road becomes the subject itself 🙂
Remote Southern Utah.

Remote Southern Utah
Remote Southern Utah