A Canyon and a Cliff

Had some free time last week to get out and head up to Koke’e State Park and Waimea Canyon for some exploring.  I absolutely love it up there in the mountains.  The air is cooler and it’s like one is transported to a completely different place.  Plus it’s absolutely gorgeous!  Camping out the night before I was able to get a casual start to the day as it was more of a scouting mission to see some new trails.  The Cliff trail…the goal.  After taking a slight 😉 detour we made our way to the overlook and then beyond.  Waimea Canyon always blows my mind.  I sat out on the point for a while.  Just enjoying the cool air and warm sun.  Snapping some images as the light dappled across the scene.  Now to return with some sunrise/sunset light 😉
Unreleased & Untitled 😛

Waimea Canyon under dappled light
Waimea Canyon under dappled light