Kaboom! – 4 Years Later (code within)

It’s hard to know when something happens in one’s life that can alter their current reality.  Could be turning left instead of right, going to that party that you really were too exhausted to go to and meeting your future husband/wife, ordering cream of broccoli soup instead of minestrone and getting food poisoning…whichever it is….life has those events.  Approximately 4 years ago I was able to capture an image that changed my career.  Did I realize it at the time?  No…I was just excited to photograph this wave phenomenon.  And that year I decided to say @^!# it and enter some contests.  Then it started to happen.  Waking up one morning early fall to see an email from Popular Photography Magazine that I had won their “Through The Lens” competition.  A little ways down the line an email from American Photo Magazine come in….Nature Photo Of The Year…and it continued.
It’s hard to say what it all meant.  Whether it was the impetus to keep me moving in a direction I wasn’t sure was going to work out or just briefly validated that I got lucky once and was in the right place at the right time.
Well, now we are here, 4 years later, 3 aFeinberg Galleries and over 1,000 Collectors from Beijing to Britain.  Who knows what the next 4 years will bring but I know that I have been truly blessed by the island of Kauai to have been able to cultivate my being and abilities out here to be able to share with all of you.
As a thank you for being with me on this journey I am offering a special 15% off online orders.
Enter KABOOM15 at checkout.
May we continue this together….to infinity and beyond 😉

Massive wave explodes along Kauai's Na Pali Coast