Killer Bamboo…Big Island!

Recently I had the opportunity to return to the Big Island for a 5 day trip for a friend’s wedding and some more shooting/scouting.  The wedding itself was a very special event with some great friends as well and the weather played a roll in making it all the more interesting.  With rain/fog and clouds off and on the bride and groom made the best of it and we were able to get some special images 🙂
Before and after the wedding I had an opportunity to go out and explore more.  Returning to a place that we got to visit during the 6 Day 2014 Workshop (and will revisit again during the 2015!).  Of course the fog greeted us once again but this time, going off trail, I managed to find this very intriguing (mostly) dry stream bed surrounded by bamboo.  But not any normal kind of bamboo as I was to find out…but this crazy KILLER bamboo!  What the hell!  What kind of bamboo grows crazy spikes??  Understandably that made going up and down a little bit stressful…and much more focused on where the hands were going.  Getting down to this part the fog and light gave the area a very surreal place.  Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on ones perspective), the stream was not flowing, which allowed me to get in there comfortably.  Though…it is now a goal to achieve this shot WITH water flowing…but that will require some luck and timing.  We shot around and explored a bit more then the hike back out in to the fog.  Another fun day exploring what the islands of Hawai’i have to offer 🙂
Much thanks and enjoy!
Bride with palm trees20140801-134323-49403837.jpg20140801-134324-49404116.jpg

A dry stream runs through a bamboo forest in the Kohala Mountains of the Big Island.
“Through The Bamboo”

Foggy trees in the Kohala Mountains
Foggy trees in the Kohala Mountains