La’a Kea O Pali

While spending a (wet) weekend on Oahu for an ultimate frisbee tournament in Waimanalo I of course had my camera in tow.  Heading back over the pali (cliffs) to townside (Honolulu) I noticed that the persistant rain had started to ease a bit.  Knownig there was a pretty cool overlook I decided to make a slight detour and check out the view from above.  Rain jacket on the spritzing wasnt too bad however the pali was still fairly socked in.  Then I noticed a trail down the edge of the cliff…remnants of the old highway.  So off I went.  Over the next hour or so the storm started to break and this beam of light came flying through the gap in the mountains.  First it illuminated the greenery in front of me.  Then later on, as the sky opened, the focus turned to Kaneohe below me.  I set up to capture this awesome view and was super thankful I made that decision to pull over.  Then again…we should make that decision more often 🙂

"La'a Kea O Pali"
“La’a Kea O Pali”

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