Chasing Ice…

I’m not quite sure how this movie came across my path.  Spending a lot of time on the internet I guess it was bound to happen.  And when I saw it was coming to Honolulu.  I couldnt resist.
“Chasing Ice” is what I am referring to.
Having seen the preview I knew how beautiful it was going to be.  Also, being fairly educated on the current events I’m also no stranger to the fact that our planet is changing.  So walking in to the theater I felt prepared to watch something pretty.  What we got was a tremendously sobering exposé in no uncertain terms how dire the situation the planet is currently under.  Of course my skin would tingle when the grand scenes were laid out before us.  Massive icebergs with tiny boats under gorgeous light.  My shutter finger just twitches.   What was truly remarkable was being able to take something seemingly slow in change and animating it.  By showing timelapse of glacier’s change we are able to see in ‘real’ time what is actually happening.  Maybe the single most dramatic impact of the film.
I feel that we all know people that may seem skeptical of this “global climate change” and whether we believe it or not I urge EVERYONE to see this film.  Please.
One people.  Together. <3


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  1. I’m highly anticipating this movie and am going to try to see it before it leaves the theatre. I’m hoping for a spectacular view of how the climate is warming and seeing the direct impact on the polar ice. Glad you liked it..

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