Hanalei Reflections

As what seems to happen in photography more often than not, is that the plan doesnt always seem to work out and we are left to think on our feet (which is weird because I think with my head…or is it on our toes….ah in any case!).  Arriving down to the pier on this morning the idea was to head out on some jet-skis to photograph the big surf coming in.  Well, the swell was arriving later than expected and I wasnt able to wait long enough as I needed to be at the aFeinberg Gallery St Regis at 9am.   With all the large surf a tidal pool of sorts had formed next to and around the pier.  Since I’m a sucker for reflections I knew my goal for the morning now.  Of course this ment getting knee deep in some murky water with a very slippery bottom.  Then waiting approx 30 min…very still to not disturb the reflections…for the light to finally crest the ridges and ilumminate the Ehu Kai or sea mist.  The very clear and calm conditions dont happen all that often here on the north shore of Kauai so it was a special way to capture Hanalei Bay.
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Much thanks and enjoy!
Hanalei Bay Reflections