Use Your Illusion V

Princeville, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Hawaii is known for its surreal color palette. The trick is once you see the color to try and capture it.  This particular afternoon was during a 5 day Kaua'i workshop I was leading.  While the weather was decidedly unexciting for sunset as I sat on the rocks and watched the waves splash up I noticed occasionally there would be the translucent blue color appear briefly.  My ah ha moment.  With my telephoto lens I wanted to isolate this ephemerally beautiful phenomenon and spent the next 30-45 min transfixed.  All in all I was able to come away with about 5+ images I felt captured the feeling of that moment. Please contact any aFeinberg Gallery if you are interested in seeing what they look like together.

*The 70" Triptych on display at aFeinberg Gallery Poipu is only available by contacting one of our Art Consultants*

Limited Edition of 30.

Artist Proof of 3.
Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.

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