The Rapture

Secrets Beach, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

This was from a very productive afternoon at Secret's Beach. There is so much to play with there during the late spring as the beach is coming back but still enough rocks to make seascapes very interesting. Just as the sun was creeping behind the clouds. I was able to capture this awesome scene. I wish somone was watching the whole event unfold because it involved me running back and forth to my bag (which almost got hit by a wave) and then literally running to get the light and just shoving my tripod in to the sand in the approximate position to get the light before it left. There was a pool that was draining behind me so there was a good current passing under me and oh yea...see that wave coming in...gets the heart racing!

Limited Edition of 300.

Artist Proof of 30.

Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.