Queens Bath

Queens Bath, Princeville, Kaua'i

Having visited Queens Bath as much as I have over the years I've lived on Kaua'i I have remarkably few images of the bath itself.  A bit tricky, usually with people around it, I have instead usually focused on the area around.  On this particular morning I was down working on a project and after that was complete walked down to the bath to scope it out.  The sky was moody and decided to put on my strong ND filter to get a LONG exposure. 5 minutes to be exact.  Never knowing what will be captured during these exposures I was quite pleased with the result here.  Being curious I converted to black and white as it seemed like a moody shot to do so.  Because I couldn't decide which I liked better I chose to release both!  

Limited Edition of 30.

Artist Proof of 3.

Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.

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