Impact II

Princeville, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Large surf on the Kaua'i, no matter how long one lives here, is always an event.  On this particularly large swell (30-40') the waves were too large to get close so we decided to go to a spot on the cliffs in Princeville.  As the waves exploded along the rocks the surf would create these momentary captivating patterns.  I took out my telephoto lens and spent a while waiting for the waves to hit just right.  In the end this shot conveyed that sense of watching this powerful force in person.

*Note: The 60" quadtych on display at aFeinberg Gallery St. Regis is only available by contacting one of our Art Consultants.

Limited Edition of 30.

Artist Proof of 3.
Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.

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