Kalalau, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Shot on Day 1 of the video documentary for aFeinberg Galleries. After picking up BROVADO Weddings (Media) we drove up Waimea Canyon to the Kalalau Overlook and descended Kalepa Ridge...an epic hike that takes you to a spit of land that divides Kalalau and Honopu. Needless to say it offers incredible views. This was shot just before sunset as the sun was preparing to pop out below the cloud line so it wasnt direct light but instead this bright filtered super sexy light. I isolated the ridges on the north side of the valley as they seemed to jump right out at me. Trees at the bottom of the image help impart scale. A magnificent sight! Winner - Artistic Merit - Islands Magazine Editor's Choice - NatGeo Photo Contest - Week 10 Silver Medal - Intl Loupe Awards

Limited Edition of 100.

Artist Proof of 10.

Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.