Aerial Wave I

Lumahai, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

Since adding the drone to the photography quiver the idea of capturing unique perspective on waves has been quite entertaining.  During the winter of '17-'18 I had just that opportunity.  During a large NW swell I ventured down to Lumahai just past Hanalei Bay and launched my drone.  The idea and actuality of capturing the shot was quite tricky as waves move very quickly and do not break in the same place every time!  With the monster 20'+ waves crashing in I was able to time this one perfectly as it broke.  The dappled light from sun coming through the tall pine trees on the cliffside above. 

Limited Edition of 50.

Artist Proof of 5.

*Available to hang in any direction!
Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.

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