Jurassic Light II

Kilauea, Kaua'i, Hawai'i

For anyone that's ever been to the North shore of Kaua'i there's a spot.  If you're the one driving most likely it's a head snap to the left, if you're the passenger maybe you reach for the phone to take a photo or video.  You would have just driven through Anahola, up the hill from Moloa'a, past Waipake.  You notice that the peaks are getting closer to the road.  After a stretch of trees and brush that block the view it opens up and there it is.  Rolling hills, the mountains seemingly just out of reach...paradise? 

In the 10 years I've driven by this spot there have only been 2 opportunities that have arisen where I have photographed this location.  I had always imagined this as a sunrise image.  Though the first (still unreleased) is in late afternoon light, this photograph was taken just this past January while leading a 5 day workshop.  I had one of those all-too-familiar moments of pulling the car over and turning around.  The light was too good and this needed to be captured.  To this day, and I can imagine forever, I wont stop checking out this view every time I pass.

Limited Edition of 100.
Artist Proof of 10.

Photo © copyright by aFeinberg.

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