When the clouds break…in Kalalau

A little while I posted about a wedding I was lucky enough to attend and capture in the incredible Kalalau Valley. For 2 of the days we were there the normal trade wind pattern was disrupted and a land/sea breeze regime was in place instead. For those that dont know I actually got my degree in Atmospheric Science (aka Meteorology). Fun fact! With this knowledge I have a better understanding of what to expect when weather patterns change and per the expected forecast we had some clouds/rain start up around early afternoon and the mountains were pretty socked in. With the land/sea breeze regime in place I was expecting the weather to break around sunset…and right on queue as we headed out for the ceremony…blam!

While the wedding party descended to the river I stayed up on top of the rocks quickly capturing as much as I could of this incredible scene. The sun breaking through, the clouds lifting. Just mind blowing stuff. After photographing this I quickly made it back to the group and the story goes on 🙂

Enjoy this amazing scene!


Clouds break at sunset over the fluted cliffs of Kalalau's Cathedral
Clouds break at sunset over the fluted cliffs of Kalalau’s Cathedral

7 thoughts on “When the clouds break…in Kalalau

  1. Stunning image, thanks for sharing,. I saw it on Fred’s site first and then visited your site to see your work.

  2. Dude this is so sweet – what’s the nearest campsite? I really want to take a few days to explore this area.

  3. You captured this scene so perfectly. It took me back to last September and the feeling of awe while hiking the Kalalau trail for the first time, especially that first view of this.

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