Here today…gone to Maui

Recently had the chance to spend a few days on Maui for the first time in about 3.5 years.  Probably a bit too long…and with many projects to shoot and still discover, it was a great time.  Had the benefit of a great friend/tour guide and some unexpected surprises.  Needless to say I have a lot of work to do over there 🙂
This particular image was at the end.  Which is usually a great place to start.  Camping in the back of the truck the night before, 4am is never a good time for an alarm.  Making the drive, finding the pull over and then hiking down in the dark is always exciting, especially to a place unseen (by me) before.  As we got down to our intended location I looked across the pool and saw where I really wanted to be.  Next step, figuring out how to get over there.  Climbing up the rocks, through the forest and then finally figuring out the path we arrived on this ledge.  There is a place in my heart for sea stacks (and similar formations) and this spot had me quite happy.  Then the waiting for the sun.  As it breached the horizon there was about 5 min of good light, then back in to the clouds, then the rain…and more rain.  Sometimes having a good friend along pays off in that finally as the sky started to explode with crazy, I had an handy umbrella holder and was able to rattle off a number of shots trying for different water motion.  The rest of the morning continued with off and on rain.  But finally getting some dramatic light (it has been a while for me), had me in good spirits.
Then of course…was that long, windy drive back to the airport…. 🙂

Dramatic sunrise along the Hana coast, Maui.
Dramatic sunrise along the Hana coast, Maui.

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