Devilish – Southern Utah

Another image from my southern Utah adventures in late March of 2013.  After sleeping in my car (like usual) the night before, my alarm went off around 4am to be able to capture the stars I had previously scouted at a different spot in this section.  As the sun rose and the landscape changed I began to wander around to see what I could find.  These amazing formations were all over and the trick was to find something to show off how weird of a place it was.  Luckily the previously clear sky (good for stars) was giving way to some unique clouds and I returned to a spot I had found the evening before.  Given the texture of the rock and the cool clouds in the sky this one had some possibility.  I spent another 30-45 minutes enjoying the solitude as I played like a kid in a playground.  Then off for what was to be an epic day in slot canyons and over 6 miles of hiking.  Nonstop!
Much thanks!
Dramatic black in white in remote southern Utah.

2 thoughts on “Devilish – Southern Utah

  1. Aloha Aaron,
    I have enjoyed speaking with you at the Hanapepe art walk some years ago and have been in your Po`ipu shop a few times. I have to admit, that is quite an eye you have as I have been admiring your work for several years now and it seems to be constantly progressing. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do, at least I got a decent used camera last week (Nikon D90), now I just have to learn how to use it properly. Mahalo for you sharing your shots online, always an inspiration.

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