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Scott Philip (United States)  wrote on 23rd of October 2014:

Aaron: One evening this month(Oct.) my wife and I were standing in front of your gallery in Hanalei admiring your work displaying on a flat screen just inside the glass when who should approach us and offer to open up the gallery but the owner/artist himself! We briefly discussed what equipment you use. I volunteered that I have a Canon 40D. Perhaps you remember. It was not until we arrived back home that I realized we had seen your work a year ago at the St. Regis. We did not meet you then as the hour was late and the gallery was closed. We travel to either Kauai or Maui annually but Kauai has dominated as the destination since "08! I am not a professional photographer, i.e. not a peer, yet I must say I have not seen work quite like yours! It stands out among other island photographers! I must beseech you for an online dialogue! [email protected] Thank you, Scott

Ming Franz (New Mexico, United States)  wrote on 2nd of September 2014:

Andrea Sterling refer to me. She knew I love hiking and nature, love to go where everything is organic. Your photography is different, because I have never seen it before. Many time I saw photos that are all very familiar and similar. Love to visit these places some day. Ming Franz

Karen (Texas)  wrote on 7th of August 2014:

We were blown away with your captivating photography..... We bought 2 !!!!! Will never forget our trip to beautiful Hawaii Thank you so much !!!

Mary Dierbeck (Minnesota)  wrote on 11th of July 2014:

We love Princeville. We visit every year. Can\'t wait to see your breathtaking work next February. Just stunning.

Mary Dierbeck (Minnesota)  wrote on 11th of July 2014:

We love Princeville. We visit every year. Can\'t wait to see your breathtaking work next February. Just stunning.

Rachel Clayton (Ft. Meade, Maryland)  wrote on 7th of May 2014:

Your work is stunning! I love the vivid colors, how you draw the viewer in, how you capture the essence of the subject. I\'m actually just starting an associate\'s in photography, myself. Your work is actually going to be the focal point for my essay on inspiring artist! Thank you for sharing the world you see :)

Diana Polidor Rivard  wrote on 16th of April 2014:

The beauty and composition is so moving that I often have a lump in my throat after viewing, Thak you.,

Willemien (Namibia)  wrote on 7th of April 2014:

Your work is great. My dream is to become a famous photographer one day, but need a mentor like you. You inspire me. Thanks therefore. Enjoy.

Deborah Pomroy (Texas)  wrote on 8th of March 2014:

This is our second stay at St. Regis hotel in Kuai'i. We've enjoyed your gallery but this time Blake Conant gave us a lot of information about the photos and how they were put together. I think we are going to but one! Wish I could buy them all. I can see your soul in them. It was fun to see the Burning Man pictures. My nephew, Jim Stone, has gone every year for I don't know how long. He is , also, a really really good photographer. Hope you run into him this year. Thank you for sharing your "soul" with me. I am moved...Deborah

kevin (california)  wrote on 6th of March 2014:

Aaron not only talented but you are great..awesome work,i am a beginner in landscape photographing,your work inspires me everyday.Sometime i feel like i want to quit,i will go to work and it will inspire me to work hard..Keep up the good work..i hope one day to visit your galleries.Thank you

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