Salt Lake City in Blue

Friday, April 4, 2014


On my recent trip to Salt Lake City the afternoon I arrived look promising for sunset.  Having lived in and around SLC for the better part of 3 years (a lifetime ago) I never did shoot any good cityscapes.  In fact I had just only had the camera in my hand a year when I left.  That first afternoon back I decided to head up behind the Capitol and get a sweeping view of the valley below.  Salt Lake has a spot in my heart and it is truly a beautiful place to live.  Here is one of the captures from that eve.  The shortness of breath hiking up to get the perspective was worth it :)




Salt Lake City at blue hour.

Salt Lake City at blue hour.



  1. Bob Ross says:

    Next time let me know when you are in town!

  2. Nick Oman says:

    Nicely done Aaron! I really like the close up shot. Being from SLC I am glad you made it back out here and I am also glad you didn’t have a run in with the coyotes that live up in the foothills. Haha!

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