Sunrise reflections along the Merced River in Yosemite National Park

A Map And A Sunrise

This image was made on my first major photography trip in Aug ’12.  There are LOTS of images waiting for me to get to and this was a particularly nice morning.  I had wanted to get shots of reflections, of which I’m a huge fan, while in Yosemite.   This particular morning I had picked out […]

Dozens of waterfalls pour down Wai'ale'ale after a severe rainstorm

Tears Of Joy

  “Tears of Joy” It’s hard to describe the circumstances around getting this photo. The gist is running an errand last minute which was on a correction mission and driving through one of the craziest storms ever. Then, headed around traffic (because of construction) saw the mountains as the storm broke and was able to […]

2013-11-21_050 Panorama2.0[web]

Edge Of The Galaxy

  So this one has been in the archives since 2013.  And it’s been a process to get right, and honestly is still not there.  This is a very complicated 180 degree view from the rocks at Ke’e Beach showing our place in the Milky Way.  As we sit, flying through the universe on the […]

Looking through clear turquoise water from above


  So way back in 2009 I found myself with some friends hiking inside a fenced off area…as you do on Kauai.  When we got to the edge of this giant cliff the view was spectacular.  Being midday, not generally my favorite time to shoot, I wasnt overly inspired to shoot that much landscape, however […]

Lower Yosemite Falls as seen through a hallway of redwoods in heavy snow

Whispers Of Yosemite

  I’ve been holding this image for a long time.  Since March of 2013 when I got to experience the magic that is snowfall in Yosemite Valley.  In the frenzy that was that morning (which can be read about more in my other image “Pencil To Paper“) I recalled this spot which I had noticed […]

Multicolored reflections off of buildings in New York City

New York City and Reflected Light

  July 2009.  Found myself in NYC.  Having only been shooting ‘seriously’ for about 2 years I dont think I would have done anything differently even now.  The undulations of the building were catching the sun hitting the other side of the street making these awesome patterns.  Had I started my photography career in a […]

Spouting Horn at backlit at sunset

Sound The Horns

  Spouting Horn is always a fun place to shoot…and a bit tricky.  Getting down to the rocks requires a bit of sneaking and a lot of precautions.  Ending up as a statistic is never on my agenda.  Working around the ocean for so long I always take my time to make sure I’m safe […]

Waioli Church in Hanalei under moonlight and clear skies

Wai’oli By Moonlight

  The Wai’oli Hui`ia Church is iconic on Kaua’i.  Standing by itself toward the end of Hanalei on the road it’s one of those places that just begs to be photographed.  And it gets its fair share.  One can usually see people pulled over snapping photos throughout the day.   On this particular Friday night in […]

Blazing sunset behind silhoetted palms

Happy New Year!

  Better late than never.  This image was taken on 1/1/2015 in an unassuming kinda place.  But the sunset was full on 360 craziness and couldnt resist this simple composition.  Here’s to a great 2015!  Gonna be a wild ride!   aF  

New Project! Help requested.

  Aloha all!   This is something that has been meandering around my mind for quite some time and I believe it’s time to give it a shot.  However, to do so requires a significant amount of assistance from YOU!   I will need to start collecting ‘selfies’ of a handful of people (roughly 6 […]

Abstract of ocean with turquoise water and dark sky at Polihale State Park

Oceans Abstract at Polihale

“Oceans XVI” (unreleased) The quality of light this day at Polihale was simply incredible.  Rare storm clouds built out in the distance late morning.  The intense dark clouds acted as an incredible contrast to the illuminated waters closer to shore.  I then abstracted them in the camera and ended up with a couple of good […]

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