PRoPS Interview

  Was recently contacted to be a part of a new venture by being interviewed.  Took me a while to but finally was able to answer their questions and it just went live.  Here is the result.   <3 aF

What do we owe photography?

  This blog comes from a place of contemplation and discussion.  What, as photographers, do we owe photography?   Recently I saw an image that was quite impressive from a photographer that had visited Kauai in the last year.  However, as I studied the shot I realized something wasnt quite right.  After approaching them privately […]

New Project! Help requested.

  Aloha all!   This is something that has been meandering around my mind for quite some time and I believe it’s time to give it a shot.  However, to do so requires a significant amount of assistance from YOU!   I will need to start collecting ‘selfies’ of a handful of people (roughly 6 […]

Portrait Of A Beard

Aperture Academy Interview!

Another interview with the popular Aperture Academy.  It’s a long one so grab a beer and kick back…if you care to know more   Thanks! aF      


PetaPixel Interview!

Aloha all!   Just quickly sharing an interview from PetaPixel that went live back in September!   A bit more insight in to the crazy   THANKS!   aF      

Haleakela on Maui as seen from Kealia Pond at twilight.

Haleakela at Twilight

  This particular day I was headed up from the south shore to the west side to go shoot sunset.  At least that was the plan anyway.  While heading out of North Kihei I looked in the rear view mirror to see Haleakela clear of clouds.  Woah.  All of a sudden I had a tough […]

Beams of light coming from the clouds over Waikapu valley on West Maui.

The Magic Of Waikapu Valley

  Was recently on Maui for a couple of weeks mostly working at the new aFeinberg Gallery Wailea.  On the few afternoons I was able to get out I found myself playing ultimate (frisbee) on the North shore in Paia.  This of course meant I was traveling across Maui.  As usual the camera gear is […]

Milky way over Secrets beach in Makena, Maui, Hawaii

Secrets Of The Milky Way

  It’s amazing how images to come to life.   Sometimes they are the work of years of planning coinciding with perfect conditions.  This very well may have been one of those photographs….had I actually knew what kind of conditions I was to expect this evening.   After spending the afternoon and sunset exploring the southern coast […]

Endangered Hawaiin Green Sea Turtle at Ho'okipa beach on Maui during sunrise.

Breakfast Time

  While spending some time on Maui a couple of weeks ago I managed to rally back to Ho’okipa to attempt to capture more Honu, the endangered Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle.  This time at sunrise.  At first I was suspect as getting to the beach I didnt see any.  Especially after last time where there […]

Red Sand beach during day near Hana, Maui

Red Sands Of Hana

    Back in May 2014 I was on Maui visiting a friend, which in turn would lead to the eventual opening of aFeinberg Gallery Wailea.  As we adventured around the island we had the opportunity to check out red sands beach.  A truly awesome place where the sand is red from the surrounding cliffside.  […]

Waimea Canyon in late afternoon light with rainbow and waterfall

Waimea Canyon and a Rainbow

  After living on Kauai for 8 years Waimea Canyon blows me away every time I make the trip up to visit.  I’ll forever remember my first visit, not knowing what to expect, and coming up the path to the great reveal to the canyon below.  Nearly had tears in my eyes.  It’s one of […]

Twlight looking down Po'omau Canyon deep within Waimea Canyon on Kauai

Po’oWow…an adventure in to Po’omau Canyon

  Waimea Canyon on Kauai’s west side is still on of the more amazing things I’ve ever seen (even after all the travel I’ve been lucky enough to do).  Not only is it so colorful and different than the rest of Kauai but it is also hides plenty of secrets in its many side canyons.  […]

"The Great Dunes" (unreleased)

The Great Dunes

  Back in August 2014 I had the opportunity to meet a friend from college and head down to the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  Arriving late in the afternoon on our first day we quickly decided to change our plans and spend both nights camped at this awesome location.  The tallest dunes in the […]

Large surf crashes on the north shore of Kauai as the spray is backlit by the setting sun.

King’s Cauldron

  Back in mid February I had the opportunity to work privately with a client on a workshop this afternoon.  With the surf being up to significant levels, 15’+, I knew that my usual go to spot would be a bit more challenging than usual.  After shooting some waterfalls we made it down to the […]

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