The incredible Na Pali coast as seen from off the coast of Kauai.

A Trip Down The Na Pali- Lost World

It’s pretty amazing.  In the 6+ years I’ve lived on Kauai I’ve seen the Na Pali coast from the water, twice.  Once I was actually kayaking and focused on self preservation, the other time was a couple of months after I moved out to the island.  So…it’s safe to say this was a long time […]


Salt Lake City in Blue

  On my recent trip to Salt Lake City the afternoon I arrived look promising for sunset.  Having lived in and around SLC for the better part of 3 years (a lifetime ago) I never did shoot any good cityscapes.  In fact I had just only had the camera in my hand a year when […]

Remote Southern Utah

On The Road (Utah)

  When I get to do my road trips around the country there tends to be a lot of driving.  Much of that through very pretty places.  When I’m driving my general thought process is ‘get there as fast as possible’.  However when in these circumstances the opposite is generally true.  Well…at least it’s fast […]

Magical slot canyon light

Getting slotted…Pt 1 of ? – Southern Utah

  Just getting back from Utah and had myself an adventure!  Last year, around the same time, I found myself in Southern Utah for 5 days.  Exploring the truly incredible landscape that is that part of the world.  One in particular slot canyon in Escalante National Park eluded me.  Hiking by myself the waist deep […]

Zodiacal light over Mauna Kea and observatories.

Tales From The Top…Of The World

  Ok…maybe not the world.  But it sure feels like it when standing on the top of Mauna Kea, the largest mountain in the world (top to bottom) and rising 13,800 ft above the ocean below.  I could write for a long time about how I’ve been dreaming for 7 years of skiing this unique […]

Old Oak in snow in Yosemite National Park

The Magic of Snow (Yosemite)

  “Pencil To Paper” (unreleased) Back in March ’13 I had the incredible opportunity of being near Yosemite National Park when the forecast called for an incoming storm.  Knowing that 1) I dont live anywhere near Yosemite and 2) storms/snow arent too common, I knew I only had one choice.  Drive my rental Mustang (yea […]

Dramatic black in white in remote southern Utah.

Devilish – Southern Utah

  Another image from my southern Utah adventures in late March of 2013.  After sleeping in my car (like usual) the night before, my alarm went off around 4am to be able to capture the stars I had previously scouted at a different spot in this section.  As the sun rose and the landscape changed […]

Sunlight through fog in autumn. Upstate New York.

Fun in Fall

  Unreleased Autumn Adirondacks Had the opportunity to shoot fall color in upstate NY in late sept. This was taken after scouting the location the day before. I returned for sunrise and preceded to shoot for for over 2 hours as the fog went from completely socked in to completely gone and blue skies. During […]



  Untitled Namalokama (unreleased) After leaving aFeinberg Gallery St. Regis-Princeville yesterday (12/22), I was headed down to Hanalei and the light was just spectacular. I’ve been after a certain shot (this is very close) and managed to pull over and capture a few images of the remarkable scene. Lucky we live Kaua’i! Thanks! aF A […]

Lava's March

NEW 6 day Workshop!!

    ***ANNOUNCEMENT!*** I am teaming up with professional photog Kory Lidstrom and offering the first 6 day photo workshop!! Dates are March 3-8. Big Island. Only 65! spots for the week. For more details swing over to the site and look forward to new adventures! ALOHA! aF      

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