Clouds lift out of the mountains as Waipo'o Falls hangs in the distance.

Mystical Waipo’o

“Mystical Waipo’o” (unreleased) Coming back down from Koke’e I always look across canyon to see what Waipo’o is doing. Being that it was a misty, rainy day I saw the clouds lifting around the falls and immediately pulled over and ran back up the road. Was able to catch this moment of light and color. […]

"A New Day" (2014)

It’s Evolution Baby!

  Ok…couldnt resist taking that Pearl Jam line.  But it’s appropriate.    Wanted to make a quick blog post and share a little before and after, only separated by about 6 years.  So as we learn as artists (read: humans) our tastes evolve, our skills evolve, even computers evolve.  I know when I first really […]

aFeinberg Gallery Wailea

The Future…

  It’s been pretty difficult to put in to words the amount of emotions and feelings that are all mixing around inside me so without further ado I am over joyed to announce; This 1,422 sq ft space will not only feature the Hawai’i portfolio but images from all of the travels will start to […]

Long exposure seascape at sunrise with rock stacks in the ocean on Maui.

Beyond Venus…Maui Adventures

  “Beyond Venus” (unreleased)   This particular shot was taken after my last post with my photography adventures at sunrise down at the Venus Pools on the East side of Maui.  You can read the full (wet) story here.  As the sun played with the clouds I decided to put on a strong ND filter […]

Sunset along the Lahaina coast with palm trees reaching in to the sky

Maui, a Sunset and a Parking Lot

“Pau Hana” (unreleased)   So after spending a day running errands and exploring I ended up settling on this small park south of Lahaina.  As I got out of the car I knew photographically it would be a bit of a tricky place.  Even though these palms were pretty there was a property just to […]

Queens bath at sunset with a small waterfall in the foreground.

Queens Bath at Sunset

“Bathed In Light” (unreleased) I find it funny for as many times as I’ve been there and photos I’ve taken around it….I have very few of Queens Bath itself.  One of my favorite locations on Kaua’i it can be tremendously beautiful, or extremely dangerous (think 30′ waves).   On this particular afternoon I was out on […]

Lightning across the San Luis valley as seen from Great Sand Dunes National Park

Great Sand Dunes National Park….fireworks?!

  So about mid August I had the opportunity to visit the incredible place known as Great Sand Dunes National Park.  This crazy place is located south of Denver and just a bit west in the San Luis Valley.  Nestled up against 14k foot mountains, these sand dunes cover 30 sq miles and rise, at […]


To Infinity…And Beyond…

    For those of you who dont remember…I had a massive data corruption in January and have been mostly out of commission since then working normally. Yes, I had a Drobo (4 drive RAID backkup) and also was pushing to the cloud via CrashPlan. However the corruption was also pushed to the cloud before […]

A dry stream runs through a bamboo forest in the Kohala Mountains of the Big Island.

Killer Bamboo…Big Island!

  Recently I had the opportunity to return to the Big Island for a 5 day trip for a friend’s wedding and some more shooting/scouting.  The wedding itself was a very special event with some great friends as well and the weather played a roll in making it all the more interesting.  With rain/fog and […]

Dramatic light and a waterfalls photographed from behind.

A Tale Of Two Falls

“A Tale Of Two Falls” (unreleased)   Another fun title…and project.  This one meandering through my mind for years.  Unsure of what to expect or what would be possible just knowing there was a chance of something… Getting a chance to head down to the falls a couple of months prior I was stymied by […]

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